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The construction of roads has been practiced in the United States for over 100 years. Since that time people have spent countless hours to try and make the process more efficient and decrease the costs associated. Over the last decade; Eco Solution personnel have dedicated significant investment to engineer new products to help with the process. The goal is that our chemistry today can help to solve the road construction problems we will run into tomorrow.

Asphalt Release Agents

The ARA product line was designed to provide performance based green solutions to Asphalt Carryback. These products are designed to prevent the adhesion and assist in the easy removal of all Asphalt types. 

Soil Stabilization

SSP's  are specifically formulated chemistries designed for changing a natural soil to meet an engineering purpose. Improvements include increasing the weight bearing capabilities and performance of in-situ subsoils, sands, and other waste materials in order to strengthen road surfaces.


SilicaSuppress is a proprietary surfactant blend used to control silica dust generated during road construction. When applied
properly, SilicaSuppress will lower respirable fugitive dust and silica levels within OSHA permissible limits.

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