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Fugitive Dust has been a problem surrounding the mining and mineral handling industries since the first mine was started. No matter what mineral is being extracted, processed and transported; in most every case dust becomes an issue. Eco Solution has been at the forefront on the development of dust suppression agents and application systems for every situation. From the reduction of dust on copper ore being transported several miles in the desert; to sealing rail cars of metallurgical coal to ship for export. Eco Solution has a wealth of products, equipment and service options to solve almost any problem. 

Process Dust Control

Process Dust Control products are developed to reduce dust during the process of mining, extraction or the processing of various minerals. The Process DC application typically provides dramatically lower PM readings and in most cases can decrease moisture significantly. The end result, is compliance at a fraction of the cost.

Road Dust Control

Road Dust Control products are designed to suppress dust, reduce water consumption, provide stabilization to the road bed or a combination of all three. These products help easily decrease O&M Costs typically associated with road dust management and without the need for new equipment or  additional man power.

Rail Car Top Agents

Rail Car Top agents were developed to reduce the loss of minerals in transit and enable the shippers to meet the ever changing rules of compliance. Eco Solution has a wide variety of products and applications systems ready to meet any scale project or budget.

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