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The awareness of the environmental impact and the concern for the environment has increased in recent decades, resulting in more stringent environmental regulations worldwide. Environmentally responsible practices, especially relating to water, have become central to the viability and acceptance of a modern mining operation. That is why Eco Solution Distributing has focused on providing the mining and construction communities a variety of treatment solutions to meet the ever-changing compliance standards. Having both chemical and equipment solutions enables us to provide water management strategies to minimize the environmental impact of any size operation.   

pH Adjustment

These products are specifically designed to efficiently manage the always fluctuating pH levels of water for safe discharge around a mine. In addition, some of these products are also able to oxidize and precipitate out metals like iron, manganese and aluminum.

Coagulants / Flocculants

Eco Solution Distributing has several products with differing charges that can target metals, clays and fines associated with mineral processing. We also offer solutions to increase the settling of suspended solids and provide rapid water clarification.

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